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How Has Tech Changed in the Last Decade?

The past ten years have seen the inception of self-driving cars, virtual reality gaming, and thousand-dollar smartphones that run better than most computers you could get your hands on in 2009.

Everything seems a bit easier, as it gets harder to remember a time when you didn’t have the internet in your front pocket for directions or a new place to eat.

Who is the president of France, again? Siri makes our unreliable, human memory much more forgiving these days…   

Tech is opening new doors as the live, work, and play environment evolves towards less downtime and more up-time, as we continue to filter out the monotonous aspects of life to focus more on deep, meaningful work.

With that… let’s enjoy all the advancements in tech before Elon Musk figures out how to program creativity… then we’re out of jobs…

So, how exactly has tech changed in the last ten years? Here are a few important changes we’d like help you get a better grip on.

The Way We Develop Networks

The last ten years has seen both the inception, rise, and fall of the hottest social media platforms that are available today. Learning bits and pieces of HTML fell out of fashion as Facebook was quickly dethroned Myspace, with Instagram and Twitter in line for their share of the social pie. LinkedIn was finally gaining a quality user base as well.

What does that mean for us?

Well… meeting new people and finding new clients is becoming less of an interpersonal experience…

Making a phone call or showing up in person was a little more probable a decade ago… Now, a quick email and messenger applications are used for communicating with people sitting ten feet from each other.

As business continues to evolve, market share can be gained by clicking a few buttons instead of shaking a few hands.

So… how are you networking, both for yourself and your business? Clients, prospects, and stakeholders can’t simply be stored in a contact list.

When was the last time you interacted with your clients? Are you clients posting about you on social media? Is the feedback positive?

These are difficult questions to answer on your own, and we’d love to shed some light on these answers.

But first… what else has changed?

The Way People Make Purchases

It’s safe to say that in today’s world, if you can breathe you most likely own a smartphone.

Everyone from your ninety-year-old grandma to your nephew in the fourth grade most likely has a smartphone and computer nowadays… that wasn’t the case ten years ago…

The remote experience has become king as entertainment, communication, and e-commerce can all be done easily via phone and internet.

You can fully customize and buy a car, reserve specific seats at the movie theater, and order almost anything without leaving your bed… it’ll even be delivered to your door in 48 hours or less… and by less we mean 30 minutes or less!  

With e-commerce and the online experience taking precedence, the business person of today needs to take full advantage of every sales and advertising channel available.

If 70% of your sales are coming from your online store solely due to your mobile platform being counter-intuitive, why are you still updating your website?

Maybe you didn’t even know that customers were having a hard time on your app. Feedback is hard to compile and even harder to act on if you don’t know what your customers are experiencing.

With that… you need to be taking notes on the channels your current and potential clients are using…

That’s a lot of notes!

Why not have someone (or something…) do it for you! In the age of automation, let the miraculous computing power of today’s machines take the wheel.

So how do you do that? Glad you asked, let’s chat.

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