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The Two Things You Need To Do To Leverage Technology Within Your Business

Does it ever feel like there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all of what you want to get done? If you are feeling this as a business owner, chances are your employees feel the same way. So how do you take your organization from being stuck in an endless loop, chasing the small pieces of cheese within your business when there is an abundance of cheese available outside of your business?

Becoming Strategic

In the past, it was said that business was 1% strategy and 99% execution. But what about when the 99% can be automated?

In a world with endless automation, organizational knowledge and strategic intent become exponentially more valuable because they can be used to automate functions within the business. The first step to transforming your organization is creating a strategy to leverage technology by accessing the knowledge and skills that already exist within your organization.

The reality is that your employees have a tremendous amount of knowledge about your business, your industry, and the unique things that your organization does to create value for its customer base. They also have their own unique set of skills that are not being utilized in their endless pursuit of the small piece of cheese you have them chasing.

In addition to creating a strategy to get out of the wheel, you will need to spend time working on the business the become more intentional as an organization. 

Becoming Intentional

Chances are your people spend the majority of their time reacting to what the day brings them. Time is lost re-entering data, searching for data, and/or communicating with people who just need access to the data that is taking their time to provide it.

To be successful in getting off of an endless wheel, your organization must learn to become more intentional with how time is spent within the organization. This includes identifying and understanding the types of work that need to be performed and allocating this work appropriately, based on the resources available to complete it.

More experienced workers should be performing higher level work – defining the automation that needs to occur and leading change initiatives across the organization, while less experienced workers will be challenged to take ownership of the more redundant work that still remains within the organization.

Any role within the organization must have clearly defined responsibilities and metrics that measure their intent and ability to perform the work identified, with recognition and continuous feedback focused on developing the skills that are needed to work alongside technology. 

The Workplace of Tomorrow

As it has always done, technology will continue to challenge us to find and perform more valuable work. It will serve as a tool to assist us in doing more with less. In order to be successful with it, you will need to embrace it, commit to using it, and learn to become intentional about how you can become more productive with it.

Organizations who do this well – identify a strategy to leverage technology and become intentional about how organizational resources are allocated and developed to work alongside it, will have an abundance of cheese waiting for them in the Workplace of Tomorrow. 

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