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Value Proposition

We believe that there are motivated employees within every company that are open to change, willing to learn, and eager to grow. Oppty utilizes technology to automate tedious tasks within your business that then allows valued employees to be freed up to do more meaningful work for your company.

We have a CLIENT FOR LIFE MENTALITY which means we won’t quit on you when the going gets tough. We strive to continually offer value & sustain your long-term growth.

By partnering with Oppty, we believe WE CAN HELP YOUR COMPANY BE SUCCESSFUL by educating, enabling and growing your people leading to a more productive, profitable, and enjoyable place to work.

Our Values

The values of Oppty are at the “core” of everything that we do. We have a firm commitment to direct, open, and honest communication with our employees and clients. Understanding that people are the source of our strength, the commitment that we have to each other allows us to have fun while maintaining a strong work life balance.

Idea Meritocracy
Self Development

Our Story

Oppty was formed in 2018 after 5 years of experiencing the exact struggle we are here to solve.

  • We were fully aware of the technology available to enhance and streamline our entire business process
  • We understood that employees wanted one centralized platform to perform all of their job duties
  • We knew we had the internal knowledge of our business and business processes
  • We did not know how to configure this technology to assist our employees with their endless amounts of requests, nor did we have any kind of process for prioritizing these requests

After 3 years of struggling to find a consultant to build a solution that would work for us, we decided to learn the actual tech, and processes, in order to build it on our own.

Through the implementation of an agile methodology, we implemented a process and enhanced our culture to empower our internal people and enable us in prioritizing features and building software solutions for the business processes we already knew. 


Preparing the Workplace of Today for the Workplace of Tomorrow

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“Life is meant to be a challenge. If we are not challenging ourselves, we are not living. This includes development in all areas of life – person, professional, spiritual, financial, relationships.”

– Steve Miksta. CEO

Let's Grow