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As an AE, much of your time is spent getting organizations to see and understand what Salesforce is capable of doing within their business.

But instead of spending your time trying to explain to them what is possible, what if they could experience it for themselves? 

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Why we make a great partner

  1. Meet your customer, Ed.

    Ed goes about his day reacting to the distractions that technology currently provides him. He absorbs mass amounts of information, from a number of different systems, each of which tell a different story about his business.

  2. Meet EdTech.

    EdTech has obtained the knowledge and skills that are needed to leverage technology within his business. He leverages Salesforce to tell him what needs his attention. This frees up his time, shifts his actions to be more intentional within the business, and empowers his organization to make decisions without him.

  3. Meet Oppty.

    Oppty partners with organizations that are attempting to better leverage technology (specifically Salesforce) within their business. We realize the amount of time that is spent trying to get them to understand what it is capable of and have developed a 90 day process to educate, implement, and introduce them to a new experience with it.

By providing organizations with the education on how to utilize Salesforce within their business, we begin to develop the knowledge and skills that are needed in order to do so. This ensures your customers are successful on the platform, leading to the adoption of more of your products and the purchasing of additional user licenses, while freeing up your time to focus on finding additional customers.

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