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In order to identify the value that technology can create within your organization, we must be able to understand the components we will be working with in each area of your business. This includes a high level understanding of the processes within your business and the various roles and types of work that are performed within it, in addition to understanding the systems and applications that are currently being utilized.


As we get a better understanding of your organization, we will begin to identify areas of opportunity where technology can be leveraged within the business. Whether creating time through automation, re-allocating time and resources to maximize productivity, or increasing productivity by allowing your people to be more effective, we must pre-determine the metrics that will define our success and identify where value will be received in order to justify your investment in getting started.

Change Behavior

Once we have clear objectives and metrics that pre-determine our success, we must work together to re-define the behavior that will be needed in order to make progress on them. This includes re-allocating certain types of work across the organization and elevating key resources to lead the change that is needed. As your organization learns to become more intentional about where time and resources are allocated within it, they will shift their behavior to align with the intentions that have already been created.

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The end result is the Oppty Experience. You become intentional about leveraging technology to create the results that your organization desires.

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Think of Oppty as an Employee

We believe that there are motivated employees within every company that are open to change, willing to learn, and eager to grow. Oppty utilizes technology to automate tedious tasks within your business that then allows valued employees to be freed up to do more meaningful work for your company.

We have a CLIENT FOR LIFE MENTALITY which means we won’t quit on you when the going gets tough. We strive to continually offer value & sustain your long-term growth.

By partnering with Oppty, we believe WE CAN HELP YOUR COMPANY BE SUCCESSFUL by educating, enabling and growing your people leading to a more productive, profitable, and enjoyable place to work.

Oppty as an Employee

  • Hiring an Administrative Assistant

  • $41,340 (Average Salary)

  • $7,654 (Average Cost to Hire)

  • 35 Days (Average Time it Takes to Hire)

  • 42% (% of 18-34 Year Old Employees Considering Another Position)

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We understand how to leverage technology to assist in growing your business. You are the experts of your business. Help us understand your business, so we can build the systems that allow you to focus on growing it. Let’s grow. Schedule time with us today!

Let's Grow
Let's Grow