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Time wasted going back and forth between too many systems
Time management and not leveraging technology efficiently
Need clean data and accurate reporting
Workflows not automated and redundant data entry
Unable to measure value through performance metrics

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Workflow Automation Roadmap FAQ’s

How can you help me optimize my business?

The Workflow Automation Roadmap provides you with a quick picture of where your processes are today. As well as a prioritized list of opportunities to automate the system to reduce effort while improving how quickly you’re able to deliver value to clients.

Our workflow automation experts will walk through your existing processes to understand:

  • How value flows through the system
  • What is the key information at each step of the process
  • Who needs to be involved
  • What are the bottlenecks slowing processes down
  • Manual steps that should be automated

How do you create the Workflow Automation Roadmap?

We need a ninety minute session with you to understand the following information about your organization:

  • Core business components within your organization:
    • Systems
    • Processes
  • Understand how data flows through the organization
  • Begin to drill down on the initial priorities identified
    • What assumptions are being made when we look to determine a solution?
    • Understand the roles impacted within your organization
      • What is their current process?
      • How is their performance measured?
      • Where are there opportunities to streamline the process?
        • How much time would this save the organization?
  • Begin to identify the minimum requirements for the priorities identified
    • Are there any specific feature requests that are needed in order for this to be a success?
    • What other considerations do we need to think about?
  • Understand key users:
    • Current role within the organization
      • What other processes/systems do they interact with?
      • What other opportunities are there for increased efficiency?
    • What are there current priorities within the organization?
      • Are there any areas of opportunity to automate/take work off of their plate?
    • Are there other individuals we need to consider or interact with?

What do I need to do to prep for the Workflow Automation Roadmap?

In order to prepare for the meeting, we would recommend gathering the following items. Extra credit if you can send these items to us prior to our meeting:

  • Current Org Chart
    • for each role,
      • include job descriptions and/or roles/responsibilities/performance indicators, if available
  • List of all Systems being used and their use case
    • logins for any critical systems will also be helpful
  • List of all Business Processes
    • include any process diagrams associated with the business, if applicable
  • Key Reports/Dashboards
    • what are the key reports being used today?
      • what information is useful within them?
        • what does this allow us to identify/do?

What exactly do I get?

Once we complete the initial meeting, our automation process experts will create a roadmap specifically for your organization, which is provided in a separate follow up meeting. Whether you use Oppty, another organization, or decide to follow the process on your own, it give you a much better understanding of what your business is doing today. If you decide to go with Oppty, the next step would be the Oppty experience. Click here to read more.

How is it free?

At Oppty, we believe that businesses change the world. We hate to see them struggling with inefficient technology and processes, and we’re passionate about making a difference. Obviously, we hope that you see value in working with Oppty, but if you don’t, please use the plan.  People are the most valuable part of any business, and their time is too valuable to waste!

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