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Getting Started With Oppty – What to Expect

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Experience Services Commitment

Oppty is your outsourced innovation partner helping your organization identify and solve the real problems that exist within your business. Through implementing an agile, ongoing process that is focused on leveraging technology to help make your people more productive.

Our commitment is to maximize the value we can create, and we need your help to do it.  Ensuring internal resources dedicate the time needed to understand the processes enables us to:

  • Provide a clear view of your processes today
  • Implement quick improvement wins to provide immediate value
  • Create a roadmap to value in the future

We’ll work with you to understand who your key players are and what time we will need from them, but their time and knowledge is critical to our success.

What is Outsourced Innovation?
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Each Client is Unique

We start with a proven process, then adjust it to fit what you need.

We typically encounter 4 types of clients:

  1. Current Salesforce Users with an onsite Admin
  2. Current Salesforce Users with no Admin
  3. Clients already introduced to Salesforce w/no Development
  4. Clients who do not currently use Salesforce

Experience Services

We offer a menu of Experience Services to fit each Client Type.


Stategic Analysis

Systems Analysis

Business Analysis

KPI Analysis

Resource Analysis


Salesforce Analysis

User Experience Analysis & Configuration

Support, Enablement & Oppty Resources

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