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Benefits of a Single Platform from an Employee’s Perspective

By now you understand the benefits of working with a single platform for your business as a whole, but it’s also great to appreciate how these efficiencies trickle down throughout your organization.

Your business is nothing without employees, and employees can only be as efficient as their tools allow them to be, so it’s your job as a business owner is to ensure that everything your organization deals with internally is silky smooth in terms of efficiency.

As someone who’s been in your shoes, we also recommend you consolidate to a single platform for your day-to-day activities, especially for the sake of your employees.

What do your employees get out of this?

No Waster Productivity

With a single platform, employees will save countless aggregated hours from menial tasks that are easily eliminated from their workflows. 

With every tool imaginable becoming available with a platform like Salesforce, the opportunities to provide value to clients are interminable as process bottlenecks are quickly nipped and new solutions to roadblocks are easily sourced from employees. With everything stemming from a platform like Salesforce, employees feel in control of what they can achieve on a daily basis.

Don’t forget, when everything is run through a single platform, all of the organization’s data is easily accessible for seamless collaboration amongst a team. Whether an employee is 2,000 miles away, or working from home for the afternoon, everything is just as accessible as it would be at their desk.


People talk. A lot. Let’s make sure it’s nothing but great for you and your company.

With all the friends and acquaintances a professional circle brings, work is a hot topic with the number of hours spent at the office. Whilst talking about work processes, software, and virtually everything else that comes with daily activities is bound to come up.

When your employees can confidently tell their old college roommate that everything they touch is optimized with efficiency that is out of this world, they know that they’ve made the right career decision. Morale remains high and your organization’s reputation is unscathed.

On the other hand, if your employee’s neighbor can’t seem to stop talking about how much he loves his job while your team is stuck working in outdated software, you better believe that your employee will take the first chance they can get after their neighbor offers them a referral.

Streamlined HR and Training Process

If Toby from The Office has taught you anything about the workplace, it’s that human resources isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite department in the workplace.

HR often gets a bad rap, but their value to the organization is indisputable with the amount of employee satisfaction and conflict resolution that could turn into so much more than a simple argument in today’s workplace.

Fortunately, their job gets easier if you decide to take the step towards a single platform, as they gain the ability to create innovative platforms all by themselves.

Remember our discussion about changes in IT? HR is a great example of how tech is transforming capability, as dashboards and employee portals can all be created by HR with no programming experience necessary. No need to wait for IT to get involved.

Training and employee onboarding are also made simpler for the same reasons, as content is easily updated and employee portals are quickly made or adjusted to accommodate for any recent changes to internal processes.

It may be safe to say that Salesforce could have easily made Toby the most popular and iconic character in The Office. As funny as the show is, its HR systems and processes are a thing of the past. Let’s make your work environment The Office 2.0.

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