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Hiring an Assistant vs. Hiring Oppty: A Cost Benefit Analysis

As you continue to scale your business, tedious tasks will begin to grow like weeds and eat away at your precious time; it’s a simple fact of scaling. 

When busy work gets to be a little too much, an assistant is often one of the first few thoughts that gets thrown on the table.

But the hiring process… 

Who has time to screen candidates, get them up to speed, and account for turnover when they decide to inevitably move on? 

What’s the alternative? The alternative is Oppty. A perfect, automated solution that doesn’t eat away at your valuable time whilst optimizing your performance in every way possible.

Too good to be true? Let’s run a few comparisons..

Hiring is Tedious, and Employees Can be Sporadic

Within the United States, the average time to hire an administrative assistant is approximately 35 days, not including the time it takes to get your new employee up and running (which can take upwards of 1-2 years depending on work experience). In addition to your time, an average hires costs around $7,654 to completely onboard.

Couple these with the fact that employee turnover is much more significant in younger hires, with 42% of employees under 34 considering another job, a 22% increase over those 34 and older.

Mesh all these together and you get a recipe for employee turnover and sunk costs, especially in the younger, millennial generation.

Now, we’re in no way advocating against hiring younger people, as the younger generation almost always offers a fresh perspective on traditional thoughts. We just think there’s a more skillful approach.

What Do You Get From Working With Oppty Instead?

Let’s hypothetically hire an assistant for a quick cost-benefit analysis. What’s the damage?

With that, we’re currently in the hole for 35 days of our time and $7.6 thousand dollars, not including the salary we’re about to begin paying out. Now we have to hope the employee turnover stats mentioned above are far from correct for you to finally get a breath of fresh air after the hiring process.

Okay, so what’s the alternative?

Partnering with Oppty.

There’s a myriad of other benefits from using Salesforce, however, when compared to an assistant, dashboards and processes can be built out to streamline everything an assistant would normally do.

Instead of handing responsibility and control to someone else, everything stays localized and can be completed by yourself, another team member, or completely automated.

Compared to human capital, Salesforce is up and automating processes for your business all day every day; an assistant would only be available 9-5. More importantly, what happens when you’re ready to scale?

Administrative work would scale equally as much with your growing business, leaving yet another hole to fill along with another run through our average costs above. Luckily, having been in your shoes, Oppty is ready to show you how to scale with your platform without having to hire a plethora of unnecessary help.

So Who Provides More Value? Oppty in Every Way.

In terms of efficiency, there are some phenomenal assistants out there that quite literally feel like an extension of your own thought process.

Imagine having that available 24/7. Yeah, that’s Salesforce configured by Oppty.

From a financial standpoint, you could be paying less than the average annual salary of an administrative assistant to work with Oppty. Can your assistant take care of your menial tasks and churn through data analyses on last year’s sales at lightning speeds?

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