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10 Benefits of Using Salesforce for Your Business

In today’s business climate productivity hacks like automation and data integration are no longer perks to new technology; they’re necessities.

Phenomenal new tools and processes arise every year, but they’re missing seamless workflow and integration amongst platforms. Fortunately, integration is ripe throughout Salesforce, alongside virtually any productivity feature you could imagine.

Still not sold? Here are a few more reasons why you should use Salesforce for your business.

1. Not Just a CRM, a Platform

Would you pay for a corkscrew if you had a high-quality Swiss army knife that already has one? Customer relationship management software is a pivotal requirement for staying on top of customer analytics, however, Salesforce has successfully tied everything you need in a CRM into the entire platform. Analytics, data visualization, and tons of other supporting tools are available for you to integrate for endless possibilities and productivity upgrades. Quite literally the Swiss army knife of productivity.

2. Scalable

When your business inevitably grows, Salesforce will be 10 steps ahead of what’s necessary to avoid any growth pains that come along with gradual, quick, or unexpected success. Salesforce has been designed to handle absurd amounts of traffic and data, standing ready whether you add 100 employees or 3,000 clients. When it comes time to scale, your growth is a few clicks away on Salesforce’s side.

3. Customizable

Cut off the dead weight and use only what makes you and your company as productive as possible. Software often comes with features that bog down the overall experience; these are easily cut out in your personalized version of Salesforce. On the flip side, if you feel like you’re missing anything, easily add an application or feature without having to get an IT team involved.

4. Increases Employee Productivity

Speaking of dead weight, there are tons of tasks throughout the day that can easily be automated with the help of a platform. Tasks like email blasts and quarterly reports can be automatically sent out to clients or employees, freeing up time for those who previously made the reports for more value-add tasks. 

5. Continuous Improvement and Innovation From Salesforce

The current status of Salesforce is nothing short of extraordinary. On an even better note, updates and reworkings of systems that you would use daily are updated three times per year on a set schedule. Everything from small bugs to UI overhauls are made in these instances, tailoring an even better overall experience every year.

6. Track Anything You Can Imagine

Great analytics and certainty of your business climate should always be brought to every business decision; more importantly, these things need to be tracked in order to be available. Sales, customer lifecycle and financial metrics are easily imported to Salesforce, and seamlessly turn into digestible visualizations that help you perform optimally and win business.

7. Activity Monitoring for Managers    

In addition to the fundamental data mentioned above, employee and client performance is just as easily viewed by managers and decision makers to augment future decisions. Metrics such as recent sales, current projects, and customer progress can be viewed in different gradations (i.e. company-wide vs. specific departments or employees) to provide the greatest amount of decision-making insight.

8. Mobile Friendly

Fortunately, these benefits don’t stop when you leave your office. Not only is Salesforce cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, but all these benefits are available from your phone for easy access. Forget what Q2 sales year-over-year improvements were on your way to a client meeting? No problem, you’re up and running on your phone 24/7.

9. Reliable

Being cloud-based, secure, and continuously updated, Salesforce is available at every second of the day. Whether you’re working with 5 or 500 employees in 1 or 7 offices with thousands of clients, all of your data is secured and ready for use. What’s the alternative? On-site file storage? An enterprise cloud solution? The latter is a little more intriguing between the two, however, that solution doesn’t integrate as seamlessly as it would in Salesforce.

10. More Control as a Business Owner

As a business owner you remain in the driver’s seat from day 1, with access to the entirety of the platform at any time. You may have two analysts feeding you metrics on a weekly basis that are now available daily at your leisure. With company-wide data at your fingertips you become your own consultant, empowered to capitalize on growth opportunities while cutting away inefficiencies.

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