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Becoming a Millennial Magnet – Using Tech to Attract Young Talent

There’s a special type of uncertainty that comes with interacting with children.

Time and technology move so quickly that you have no idea what to talk to your nieces and nephews about when they come around for family functions. What are they into nowadays, anyways?

Why not just ask?

This exact situation is happening in the workplace today, as the millennials begin to take the helm in their organizations.

Employers scratch theirs heads as they scheme left and right in pursuit of crazy amenities like game rooms and fully stocked bars, but millennials don’t really seem to care about these things.

According to Gallup, Millennials want purpose, development, and a coach, not a boss. Fortunately, the entirety of these wants are all made possible by Salesforce, as your business processes remain streamlined and supercharged for a generation that believes in tech.  

What does Salesforce have to offer for the younger generations?

Tech Solutions That Change With Time

Millennials have become accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle fueled by the internet, as 71% of millennials get 100% of their news and information from online or mobile sources.

Fortunately, everything about a successful Salesforce implementation is fast and completely cloud-based; exactly what the next generation of leaders is expecting to embrace in a 21st century company.

It’s difficult to go from being able to do all of your school’s coursework and run a small side hustle on your laptop to a sub-par software setup after landing your first position. Most new employees won’t enjoy taking a step backwards, and 44% of current employees already believe that the tech at their organization needs a revamp.

With workflows, seamless collaboration, and easy integration with a myriad of applications, Salesforce brings everything that a tech-savvy millennial would ever want in a job.

Time-sinking tasks and redundancies are deleted, freeing up time for value-add activities.

Less Focus on the Marketing, More Focus on the Management

The younger crowd isn’t as crazy about amenities as many people think.

Ping-pong tables, massage chairs, and beer on tap aren’t the winners we should be focused on in the recruiting game. Loaded amenities may look great for social media posts, but the novelty factor fades quickly after beating Jeff at ping-pong every day at lunch.

According to the Harvard Business Review. Of nine major workplace criteria surveyed, two of the most critical needs were quality of manager and quality of management.

When you can see absolutely everything that is happening within your company via powerful data visualizations in Salesforce, your ability to manage effectively increases dramatically.

We mentioned your employee’s having more free time after using Salesforce. The same applies to you as a manager, leaving redundancies behind.

Extra time and more powerful tools only lead to; extra profits and more powerful employees. 

Interactions Over Scheduled Meetings 

Can you picture the cliché, unimpressed girl chewing bubble gum while she scrolls through her phone during chemistry class?

That’s about 71% of millennials in their jobs right now.

So only 29% of Millennials are engaged in the current organization.

In other words, they genuinely they like their jobs, and they certainly let it show with the value they bring to the table.

Of the 29% that are actively engaged, a majority cited frequent meetings with their manager as a main driver of engagement, while those who were unengaged usually meaningfully interacted with their managers less than once a month.

With that, we need to use tech to bridge the gap between availability and interaction to promote meaningful relationships that foster what millennials are looking for in a professional opportunity.

With full transparency and easy visibility on your employee’s KPI’s and current projects, you can make each interaction more meaningful as you bring the necessary, productive information to the conversation that’ll steer their performance in the right direction.

Overall, millennials are generally misunderstood in the workforce, and we simply need to put an ear to the ground. Organizations like Gallup and The Harvard Business Review have done the heavy lifting; we already know what millennials want and why the need it. Now it’s time to implement.

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