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Benefits of One Platform

Growth is an essential part of survival in the lifecycle of a business, however, that process isn’t always as smooth as it can appear.

The evolution of a business’ environment goes through a myriad of iterations from adding employees and locations to adding a bunch of different software.

Wait… a bunch of different softwares? That sounds like it can get messy.

It can and does. Fast.

So is a single platform connecting all softwares necessary?

The answer is yes if you want to scale efficiently & drastically in the smoothest way possible.

What kind of benefits will you see from building a platform and consolidating softwares?

Reduced Time to Benefit

We hate waiting, and waiting is often a huge side effect of inefficient processes.

When all of these systems and processes are combined, there’s much less potential for run-ins with efficiency roadblocks.

Efficiency roadblocks?

Well.. different software have different updates, training sessions, user interface, and support, just to name a few, and some of these don’t often jive well together.

More importantly, If your marketing platform is desynchronized from your customer payment information because the latter takes a business day to update, you’re losing ground on your competitors and current/future customers.

So many possible roadblocks, so little time… Minimizing your digital footprint sounds better already!

Raw Ease of Use

Time to start your day! Log-in to your analytics platform. Now your e-commerce management CRM. Now your marketing portal… Are you in yet?

Instead of typing a marathon every morning, a single point of action for all of your tools, for each department or position, will suffice for the sake of you and your employee’s productivity.

Redundancies are also easily avoided when consolidating. When three different pieces of software require the same set of information, but the first program stores it in the most accessible and visually appealing way, why enter it another two times if it’s not being used? 

Intuitiveness is something that is often overlooked and when it comes to maximum ease of use, Salesforce is, without a doubt, the best. It is not just our opinion, Salesforce owns almost 20% of the revenue market share for all CRM’s worldwide. The next closest competitor owns around 4%.

Here’s one last reason to consolidate… 

Clear View of Your Customers

What if we told you that you could have a clear and concise picture of who your customer currently is? Well, you can… and, as you most likely understand at this point, using a single platform allows you to have all of your client’s data in one spot.

Easier to manage… Easier to explain… Easier to act on… Remember, more is not always better… 

Your ability to understand the customers you’re working with is based upon your capacity to seamlessly visualize them in the most holistic way possible.

When your transactional and customer service satisfaction data take a turn together, we need to be on top of the why, how, and what behind that trajectory.

Let’s make that trajectory easy to recognize so we can quickly rebound from any unwanted dips and fuel growth in the most efficient way possible.

Join the redundancy revolution and get rid of the burden of managing so many software.

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