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Why Oppty Instead of Another Employee?

Technology is making exponential leaps in all aspects of business every day and it’s far too easy to fall behind what’s new and noteworthy for you.

This is why Oppty was born, to provide you with an evolving optimization of your business processes in an ever changing technology climate. You don’t need another body on your payroll, we need to identify your problems and put efficient systems in place to future-proof your business model.

Throwing more employees at a problem creates an inefficient iteration, leading to expensive and demoralizing conditions throughout your model, with employees combing through redundancies and multiple forms of software and a lack of a centralized hub for maximized performance and visualization.  

Once your foundation is built, you’ll have the ability to hire someone with a specific, value-add role if necessary, along with the tools to measure their success. 

In the meantime, hiring someone just because it’s time to scale or your workload is growing shouldn’t be the go-to solution anymore. What are you options?

What Are Businesses “Traditionally” Doing Today?

As a smaller business in a corporate world, when it’s time to get more work done or scale the business, hiring an assistant is the go-to solution for short-term relief. The cost of this isn’t cheap. Not only are you in the hole for your own time and money, but employee turnover and reliability turns into a bit of a gamble.

A consulting firm is another option, however, you’ll need to be ready to shell out big bucks to make it worth your while. There’s also no guarantee that the firm you hire understands the in’s and out’s of your business to provide adequate recommendations.

Fortunately, you’re more than traditional, we’ve noticed. Instead of these paths, why not hire a partner that can help you document your current processes? After these performance metrics are available, pain points can be identified to easily help scale with technology.

Oppty as the Solution

Oppty identifies current and future problems, as we get intimate with your processes and understand what’s necessary to grow exponentially in the smoothest way possible. How do we do that?

Share the Load

We both bring valuable resources to the table. You bring your talent and current processes, and we bring our ability to fabricate a technological road map for your optimization. We don’t want to tell you which way to drive, we just want to make sure there’s no speed limit. 

We’re confident that you can do this on your own. That’s what we did, but that takes time, lots of time. Stand on the shoulders of giants and streamline your processes with a guide that’s been through this exact process. You understand your business, we understand Salesforce and efficiency. 

Far too often do we see businesses throwing money at obsolete or incomplete processes, hiring more employees to mix with under-performing technology solutions for evolving problems. 

It is Not Just Salesforce

With Oppty, you are getting a technology expert that can assist in all aspects of your business to create a better end-to-end platform for your employees

So what’s your current status? Will throwing another body at the problem really make a difference? What about a partner instead? A tech-savvy partner. Maybe even a tech-savvy partner that can identify the real underlying problems.

Let's Grow
Let's Grow