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5 Reasons Why Today is the Best Time to Implement Salesforce

So, why Salesforce, and what does this have to do with you as the business owner? Let’s go back a few chapters if why is the question. Today’s focus is on the when.

If that’s the case, when is the best time to implement Salesforce?

The real answer is day one of your business ventures… The second best answer is yesterday, and a nice runner-up is the second you finish reading this.

Chances are, both you and your employees are caught up in some boring, mindless tasks that completely take away from your ability to close new business and service existing clients. On top of that, is all of your marketing and sales data easily accessible? Is it visually appealing and instantly actionable?

Let’s go over some of the benefits you’ll receive if you were to implement Salesforce today.

1. Automation

You can always make more money, however, you can never make more time… at least not yet. Someday soon we may be time traveling to relive our greatest days and rectify our mistakes. Until then, automating boring, autonomous tasks gives both you and your employees more hours on the clock to focus on value-add tasks. When was the last time you woke up without an alarm clock? You wouldn’t put waking up for an important event to chance, so why take the same chance with the integrity of your business? Now is the best time for you to start saving time.

2. Scalability

Maybe it’s time that your business finally blossomed into the beautiful butterfly that it truly is. What’s holding you back? Tons of software? Too many clients and leads to track? Whether you have a handful of needy, high-ticket clients or a plethora of long term customers that need monitoring once a quarter, those contacts need a full-service experience on top of your growing list of leads. Are you hiring more employees with your growth as well? Adding team members and getting them up to speed is easier than ever with our help. When should you worry about scaling? Never!

3. Continuous Improvement

The one inevitable coincidence everyone will experience in life is the need to roll out an “important” Windows update during one of the most important projects of your life. Fortunately, you can scratch that from your Salesforce bucket list, as updates to the platform are put out often and efficiently, leaving no down time in the middle of your business day. Technology is changing rapidly and Salesforce keeps you one step ahead of the game, whether they’re increasing ease of use or acquiring new tools like Tableau and Slack. Let Salesforce spend billions to improve your quality of work, not you.

4. Reduces Cost and Redundancy

Remember automation up above? We definitely do, as time is your most valuable resource. Once automation kicks in, we can get back to your capital and reduce the costs of unnecessary software and labor you don’t need outside of the Salesforce platform. There’s no need to pay for two services that do the same thing… More importantly, there’s no need to force your employees to redundantly use and update these services. Save your time and save your money…

5. Greater Reception to Young Talent

Young talent continues to come out of our education system increasingly more tech savvy and rightfully impatient with slow, technological processes. With full access to the world is in their front pocket, we can’t blame em’. Fortunately, Salesforce promotes exactly that and makes you, as an employer, an absolute saint when they find out that their friends at the firm next door spend hours per week on useless administrative tasks. You’ll feel a bit like David Blaine, literally levitating above the competition. Who loves magic the most? Young talent. When do they want it? You guessed it… today.

We’d love to continue this conversation, let’s schedule some time to convert the boring troughs of your day into the most productive workflows you’ve ever experienced.

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