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Featured Tech Solution: Lightning Flow Builder

Workflows are nothing new. They’ve been around for years; leveraging less impressive technology than Salesforce. So what’s special about the Lightning Flow Builder?

It’s all encompassing.

Oppty builds end-to-end platforms for organizations on Salesforce. So, all pieces (data) of the organization is within Salesforce.

When all of your data is in the same place, it can all be leveraged to create next level flows.

“Flows” are what Salesforce calls them.


Before the Lightning Flow Builder, lesser workflow builders were limiting. You could only do so much when data isn’t all in the same place.

This meant only relatively small or simple tasks could be automated into a workflow.

While this is kind of helpful, we want truly efficient, all encompassing, automation.

Why? For serious cost savings….


Now an employee can have not just a portion of a task automated but the entire task.

Now think bigger. An entire position could be automated.

This level of automation is unmatched.

Automation is cool, but smart automation that accomodates the human element of an organization is The Lightning Flow Builder.

What Can You Think Of?

What can you think of that can be automated, to make your life easier? When your organization is on an end-to-end platform the possibilities can be endless.

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