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Featured Technology Solution: Instant eSign Mobile Proposals

If you’re anything like others who value their own time, you despise lengthy contracts and paperwork.

“Please show up to your appointment 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork.”

Even with that, sometimes everything takes more than 15 minutes!

Sure, the legality behind everything is extremely fragile and people don’t want to get sued into oblivion, but things could be a lot easier.

Actually, things are easier… and all it takes is one simple signature to get your client set up with your firm.

Let’s run through a quick scenario:

Oppty meets a client and has a few preliminary rapport and informational meetings. A final meeting is scheduled and Oppty strides in with nothing more than a laptop. The client’s goals and potential solutions are assessed while Oppty runs through the current situation and processes in place.

By the end of the meeting, appropriate solutions are found, and the client is ecstatic to get the efficiency ball rolling. Everyone shakes hands and the final words are, “I’ll get you a proposal by the time I get to my car.”

Oppty swipes and taps at a few screens whilst walking from the meeting and an electronic proposal is waiting for the client just as the door handle is touched.

*seatbelt click*

Let’s recap:

In record time Oppty was able to have a client meeting to discuss current processes, delineate goals, find an effective solution and immediately deliver an electronic proposal.

That’s right, the game has changed.

What’s the Usual Timeline for Something Like This?

After an initial meeting, proposals can take days, or even weeks, to compile depending on the industry and scope of the project. In that precious time frame potential clients have the opportunity to research other solutions and possibly interview your competition.

The document itself needs to be drafted and proofed, and numbers have to be crunched before a final copy is reached. More traditional companies continue to go as far as sending a hard-copy in this day and age.

Time being of the essence brings us to one of the most important reasons to use this feature.

Instant Feedback

Sometimes the pricing or included services aren’t exactly what the client had in mind. Unfortunately, this back and forth can potentially add a couple of days to the process, or even completely kill the sale entirely.

If you have the opportunity to send an immediate proposal after your first meeting, all of the client’s thoughts are fresh and ready to speak about the terms of the contract. If you don’t get a quick response, a follow up the day of the meeting can easily nip any objections in the bud.

On the other hand, If there are any significant objections or a complete rejection of your services you’ll know almost immediately with some constructive feedback on how to do much better on the next pursuit. As Mark Cuban says, “Every no brings me closer to a yes.”

Overall, the eSign proposal for new client engagements is a tool that’ll set you apart from the competition, while saving both you and your potential client lots of potential waiting time.

In Oppty’s shoes, depending on the processes the client decided on, solutions can begin preparation as soon as the next day, all being made possible by an implementation of Salesforce.

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