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Featured Tech Solution: Interactive Mapping

Do you remember life without Google maps?

How about having to print out MapQuest directions? Seems like a lifetime ago, huh? 

The power of mapping and visualization is so ubiquitous in daily life that it’s hard to appreciate how powerful technology has become; and it sits in your front pocket.

With implementations of today’s tech, a map can be given layers to deepen the understanding of certain themes and turn a thirty-page report into a beautiful set of visualizations that takes 1/1000th of the time to comprehend.

These layers range from demographics such as age and average household income, to potential competitive retail locations that could alter your potential business

Unfortunately, humans are losing the ability to concentrate and, according to Microsoft, have an average attention span of eight seconds. We’d rather have your clients using their eight seconds extrapolating useful content instead of glazing over a tedious executive summary.

Oppty is harnessing the power of maps, as we’re able to seamlessly craft customized visualizations of any pertinent data, showing you exactly where to look for increased efficiency. Things like demographics, competitive locations, and current sales can all be mapped and integrated across your territory to better understand your landscape. 

Let’s review some potential case studies:

Sales Opportunities

Recent study of casino locations as historical sales data

If you’re responsible for medical sales, for example, all throughout the west coast, visual aids such as the locations of doctors, current sales, and overall demographics are all helpful metrics that drive upcoming decisions. On an even more granular level, certain potential clients (doctors) are often surrounded by the demographic that they serve, and these demographic layers are visual options that help drive you towards your next sale. If you’re selling medical products used by seniors aged 65+, why are you spending time in a millennial haven?

On that note, the medical field is a drop in the ocean of possibilities when it comes to business development – this can be applied to any industry.

Location Suitability

Relocating or opening additional locations is nerve wracking experience that can be financially haunting for years to come. Why are you considering a relocation? Are your customers driving too far to get your current location? Maybe your average employees’ commute time is ten minutes more than you think it should be. Maybe your current location is the best possible scenario?

Fortunately, clients, employees, and, once again, demographics can easily be integrated into a map to help gauge a location’s feasibility. People cite feelings like peace and confidence or deja vu as decision making champions, however, your intuition isn’t going to objectively tell you how to be efficient. Trust the map!

Client Education

People love knowing that they made the right decision, and it can feel especially good when you, as a business owner, were the one to get them there in the first place. With that, exercises like mapping historical sales or age demographics for a specific area to show your efficacy and reach further proves your business model, and lets you execute confidently in future situations.

Maybe your client has never been to a specific region of the United States where business is good. With a mapped visualization of recent business, neither you nor your client have to step foot out of the office to know exactly what does and doesn’t work in different territories.

With all of these ideas planted, there’s absolutely something that can be done to streamline some of your business processes via mapping and visualization. Both clients and employees can create new solutions from scenarios that weren’t conclusive before. You have the data and we have the tools to make interactive mapping solutions to propel your sales capabilities.

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