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What Does Oppty Do?

There is a fourth revolution that is occurring right before our eyes. And if you don’t believe it, let’s look at what has happened in 2020.

  • COVID has forced remote work, leaving businesses frantically trying to find a way to run their business in a digital economy
  • 40M+ people face unemployment and it is suggested that many of these jobs will never be replaced
  • To combat this, we are experimenting with a first attempt at Universal Basic Income, as millions of Americans are receiving checks to continue to fuel the economy
  • Seemingly unrelated, there are riots happening in our streets, as society continues to wrestle with both our past and future states
  • Even with all of this occurring, the stock market continues its climb to all time highs

And if those don’t imply that the world is changing, we recently sent a rocket to space, only to have it successfully return to Earth, as we begin to discuss what life might be like on Mars.

There are multiple books that have been written about this phenomenon that has been building up over the past several decades. If you were fortunate enough to have already begun preparing, you are probably in a very exciting spot. But if you weren’t, you are are probably terrified of what is about to come.

Fortunately, I have good news for all of you. And although it can sure feel like doom and gloom, the reality is that there is an abundant future waiting for all of us.

We have formed a team at Oppty to allow small business owners to feel more comfortable with this future. To assist them in leveraging their greatest resource, their people, to transform their business and make the leap into an exponentially better future.

Change is hard. And it is a natural human instinct for us to fear the unknown. But as it has played out in the past, technology is a means to create better lives for ourselves in the future. It is a tool, that is meant to make our lives easier and reward us with more time and more resources to be present with the ones we love.

As we all know, this is much easier said than done. This ‘better’ future requires a balance of technology and presence. An awareness in ourselves and empathy in others. It requires embracing the unknown and a belief in humanity. It requires hard work, and not just in the labor sense. It requires personal development to be ready to accept ourselves in this transparent future.

Along the way, we are going to need coaches, mentors, resources, insights, ideas, and a strong community to ensure we are able to make it there. These tools are what we want to make available to you. We believe that humanity is resilient. And when challenges arise, there is far greater opportunity in embracing them than to run. And as a result, we become better people and create a legacy for those that follow.

Our goal, over time, is to get you more comfortable with our future reality. To arm you with the tools you need to continue to run, and grow, a successful business. To give you the confidence to lead your organization and your people into the unknown. And to inspire you, with other like minded business owners, who believe that there is a better future for those who want to embrace it.

The Oppty is now. Let’s Grow. Together. 

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Let's Grow
Let's Grow