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You Don’t Need a CRM

Wait, what?? I know, you are very confused that the Salesforce guy is telling you that you don’t need a CRM. But what I am saying is that that is not JUST what you need. And the good news? Salesforce is SO much more than that. The reality is that, despite that being what it is known for, Sales Cloud (Salesforce’s CRM product) only accounts for 36% of their gross revenue. This number is continuing to decline each year, as their other products continue to be adopted and customers continue to utilize the platform for additional functionality. 

So What is Salesforce?

That’s a great question! I am glad you asked. We like to describe Salesforce as the iPhone for your business. Imagine having an iPhone, but not having any applications to download to it. In other words, you have a tool available to you, but there is no way to connect the information of what you need to the applications that can help you get it.

In the business world, it is the same thing. Yet somehow companies continue to be ok with it and don’t take on a strategy to change. Well, as we have seen over the past year, technology is a key factor to the future of your business.

So What Now?

Well now that you have a basic understanding of what Salesforce is, think of all of the ways that you could use it. How many times a day do you find yourself reactively searching for information, based on a request you have received from a customer or an employee? How much of your time do you waste trying to track that information down? How much of your employee’s time is wasted? How does this impact your customer’s experience with your business? Wow, I get it.

So you are telling me that this information can be made available to me, in real time, so I now longer have to search for this information? Well, yes. And that is what Salesforce can do (and should do). It serves as the central point of visibility for your entire business.

What else Can I Do with it?

This becomes the exciting part. The reality is that anything is possible. We are only limited by the ideas that you can come up with, to provide additional value to your customer or business. Remember the iPhone analogy? Well, Salesforce has an AppExchange that allows any of hundreds of thousands of applications to plug right into your customer data (securely, of course). In fact, here’s a cool little story about how they came up with the idea.

So Where do I Start?

Well, this is a great question. If you are an existing Salesforce user, the good news is that you are already paying for the licenses. The bad news is that you are most likely not fully leverage what the platform can do. If you are not currently using Salesforce, you are most likely using 10-15+ applications to run your business and you, and your employees, are losing valuable time each day trying to navigate between these systems to do what it is they need to do.

In either case, Oppty can help, but we do want to warn you that this is not an easy endeavor. We are only looking to work with companies who believe in their people enough to elevate them out of their mundane daily activities and empower them to think differently, in order to build a platform to allow your business to thrive in the new working era.

We believe in people. And that customers will always prefer to work with a trusted relationship alongside technology, as opposed to just a robot. We’re here to help, let’s grow! 

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Let's Grow
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