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How Does Oppty Help?

If you are like any friends, family, or even my wife, you may find it difficult to understand how Oppty can help your organization. Technology has, and always will be, a tool that organizations are able to leverage to assist them in scaling and growing their business.

The role of technology within your business is still the same – save people time and allow them to be more productive with it. So how does Oppty help companies do this? 


Similar to past technology innovations, today’s business applications are built to save your people time. Whether it is automating a redundant process, streamlining the entry of data, or ensuring information is available when and where it needs to be, technology can save a tremendous amount of time.

But how do you identify where to start?


In order to determine where to start, you must first identify the value associated with the time saved. Who’s time is being saved? How much of it? What will this allow that person to do within your organization? What is the value associated with this work? How will this impact business outcomes across your organization?

These are all important questions that must be answered to ensure you are applying technology in the areas that will provide the greatest return on your investment.


The actual return, or money you receive back, from your investment in technology will depend directly on how well you are able to identify the time and value associated with it. It is not just the amount of time that is being saved, or the perceived value of where that time is spent. In the short term, it is the actual results that are experienced within your business.

If done correctly, you can be intentional about identifying the results desired within your business, identify what needs to be done (and who needs to do it) in order to generate these results, and leverage technology to make this time available for them to be able to do it.

The Compound Effect

As you understand that the output of your organization is directly related to where time is allocated within it, you begin to become more intentional about when, where, and how this time is spent. By exploiting the only fixed variable within your business, you have now created a compounding effect on where you can take your business.

As complicated as technology may appear, it is just a tool to get your organization where you want it to be. How well you are able to utilize that tool is up to you.

We’re here to help. Schedule some time with us below to learn more.

Let's Grow
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