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Combat Inflation in the Workplace

With gas prices over $6.00 in certain parts of the country and food prices expected to continue to rise, there is no doubt that we are experiencing inflation in our personal lives. For business owners, this stress is felt not just at home, but also among each and every employee that works for them.

So what can business owners do to ensure their organization is proactive in addressing this? 

Technology as a Tool

Although there is much hype about technology replacing jobs in the workplace, the reality is that, if used appropriately, it can elevate those within the workplace to be able to deliver more value through higher performing work.

When the mobile phone first arrived, organizations had to be educated about the value that it could provide. They had to understand that the 60 minutes driving to and from a payphone could be reinvested into higher quality work, which over time led to increased profitability. 

Time Reallocation

In a similar manner, there are thousands of applications that are available to use within your business. Each of them can provide time savings to someone within your organization.

The challenge you face is not only determining which applications can save you the most time, but also identifying the talent that is underutilized within your organization.

As you begin to think about where time is wasted (entering data, client follow-up, etc.), you must work with your employees to re-align their priorities and ensure that time is properly re-allocated. By doing this, you are intentional about where this time is reallocated. As this time re-allocation is tied to metrics within your business, you will begin to realize the value that technology is meant to bring to the workplace. 

Embracing Inflation

The redundant work that occurs within your business should be automated. It can be automated. And in the process of doing so, you will elevate those within your organization and be able to reward them for their performance.

Although we do not know how much further these prices will go, it is safe to say that inflation is here for the next few years. As a business owner, now is the time for you to embrace this fact and invest in the automation and resources you have within your organization, leading your workforce into the Workplace of Tomorrow.

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