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What is Oppty?

Ok so I’m interested in talking with you. But what exactly is Oppty? What do they do? Well, as quickly and easily I want to be able to explain that, unfortunately it is a little more complicated. Our internal messaging is this – we help companies leverage technology to scale their business. But as with any great recipe, the secret is in sauce that goes into it (ie. how we do it).

To stay high level, we align your business vision to a technology strategy that will get you where you want to go. Technology has become such a huge part of business, so if your vision and your technology strategy are not aligned, you are never going to get there. At least not before Amazon does.

But the value in how we leverage technology is this – we leverage technology to enhance business relationships, not replace them. We do believe in the human element to business and I truly believe that technology is here to make our lives better. It creates abundance and a future where we don’t need to do the things we don’t want to do. It frees up our time, so we can do what we want to do with it and spend it with the people we love.

Oppty bridges the gap between technology and business to help organizations maximize their existing relationships to create more profitable and more valuable relationships between their organization and their end customers. Over time, this leads to a loyal customer base, who is constantly receiving value and wanting to let others know about your business.

We strategically use technology to shift the organization to a more agile and innovative culture, allowing them to prioritize and implement change faster, while eliminating the politics and bottlenecks that currently slow them down. All of this is made possible by implementing a proven process that starts with a deep understanding of the business and converging our shared business knowledge to create a strategy and roadmap that prioritizes where investments need to be made (time, money, and resources).

Once the strategy is in place, it is a continual reassessment of these priorities and a structured and agile process that ensures we are executing and constantly evaluating and improving the process we are putting in place. The problem with goals is that everyone has the same ones. The difference between those with goals and those who live out their dreams is their ability to execute and evolve, while continually increasing and improving the output during execution. We understand this. And we help businesses put a process in place to ensure we keep them on track with their evolving long term vision.

At the core of all of this is our belief that the people within your organization are the key to your business success. Many companies have talented people doing tasks that technology was made to do (ie. data entry, following up on something, etc). Our goal is to develop those people into leaders, who can work alongside the technology we create to proactively work on improving the business, as opposed to completing redundant tasks.

We are an open book and we are here to help. Technology has evolved to a point where small businesses can affordably do what only larger organizations could do several years ago. We believe they are actually BETTER positioned than these larger organizations, as they have less people and less legacy systems that require change – if they can access a partner like us.

And this is why we exist – we partner with your organization to get access to all of this, at a cost that is no more than what you would pay for a single employee. Sound interesting? Please schedule a time to talk to us about how we can help. 

Let's Grow
Let's Grow