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How to Increase the Value You Receive from Technology

Every client has a different need when it comes to technology. Some may just be getting started, while others may have a whole team in place already supporting it. In either case, very few organizations have a clearly defined process to successfully deliver value through change and innovation within their organization. 


Change is hard. When placed in harsh, high stressed situations, people require a roadmap that allows them to take action and get out alive. This has been proven in military situations, and although it may not be life or death, when facing challenges that are constantly shifting and there is no guide, 90% of people will do nothing or make the situation worse.

An effective roadmap not only provides a vision of the future, but also identifies and prioritizes the initiatives that provide immediate value to the organization. For organizations that are on Salesforce, this may be a fresh set of eyes to look at their org and implement some quick best practices. Or even migrating organizational data to make it more useful and more effective for all users across the organization. 


As an initial roadmap is put in place and some immediate wins are deployed, your next step is to become intentional about where technology can create time within your organization. This is probably the hardest part about leveraging technology – identifying where time can be saved, where time should be getting spent, and aligning your resources to ensure you are creating the most value.

In addition to assisting you in identifying technology solutions that might be available, a third party can also assist in analyzing the processes within your business and identifying metrics to measure the performance of it. Especially if you are focused on the day to day operations of the business, it can be difficult to zoom out far enough to identify where these intentions can be shifted. 


In order to successfully implement change, you must be able to follow through and reinforce the value and importance of the change being made. This includes sunsetting the old, rewarding and celebrating the new, and staying focused on the long term value that is being created.

In such a rapidly changing world, this requires a delicate balance of feedback and support. Feedback to identify how you can improve the process of change in the future and support to ensure the value associated with the existing change is realized.

While you may have certain resources allocated to implement technology within your business, there is most likely not a consistent process in place to implement, support, and continue to get the feedback needed, in order to continuously implement change. 

Bringing it All Together

Ultimately, you create value within your organization when you are more effective in allocating the time and resources available in it. While you may be able to save time through automation, it may be helpful to get an outsider’s perspective to redefine how time and resources can be allocated with it.

What’s even better? With a clearly defined roadmap, metrics and a consistent process to evaluate the change being made, you have nothing to lose. Who knows, maybe over time your people will learn to become more comfortable with change. 

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